Not everyone is able to afford a house of their own and the best way to handle this situation is by getting a house on rent. Renting a place is a very common thing around UK. It is not only affordable but is also convenient as you have everything ready before you shift in. People who rent an apartment are referred to as tenants in legal terms. The thing that is most important to remember while agreeing to rent a house is that there should be a proper contract framed. This will help you stay protected against any wrong doings from the landlord’s part.

These contracts have the basic structure of an agreement and all the communication mentioned in them. It is essential to take a hard copy of the contract with the landlord’s signatures on it. This way anything that is agreed upon will be mentioned with written acceptance. It is also necessary that you have a contract so that you are not blamed of wrongfully acquiring the house. Never ever pay before the contract is made, this will help you stay protected against money fraud. Even if you have to pay in advance as a deposit on the house make sure that you take a written receipt with the landlord’s signature on it.

This way you will be able to prove the authorities that you did pay advance in case of a tricky situation. Also the agreement has all the basic rules and regulations of the city as well as the landlord mentioned on it. This way it is easy to keep track of what all is allowed on the premises. Along the agreement, there are disclaimers also attached which mention that no illegal doings are allowed in the premises of the property. If there are any, it is not considered the owner’s responsibility. These are important to keep in the file so that there is a written authority letter with you.