Renting a property in London is pretty easy. There are many landlords within the city that offer their houses at a very affordable price. These properties are mostly equipped with every facility that you can think of. The major difference in the rent of the property depends on the facilities and the location. If a property is in the middle of the city and has every necessary thing available in the house then you might end up paying extra. Thing like TV, Microwave, Beds, Cupboards etc. fall in the category of facilities. If the house has everything that an individual or family would need, then the rent of the place is fixed at a higher price.

On the other hand, if the house has nothing and is in the middle of the city then if will fall under the mediocre category. Here one needs to arrange all the equipment’s and facilities by themselves. The price of the property also depends on the size of the house. In case you are renting a studio apartment with or without facility in the heart of the city then it will fall under the luxury category as there is very little space to share in the main city. If you are renting the same thing outside the city or near a college then you might pay way less then luxury range.

But the negative to rent the property outside the city is that you ill end you spending a long time to commute. Also, the basic facilities that you get within the city are not available outside. If you are a student or someone who has a job then renting a property in the mediocre range is the best thing. It will allow you to have complete privacy yet be affordable and easy to reach. It will also be near all the commercial areas so that you can travel as per your need without wasting time.