Budget Range

These properties are generally situated way outside the city. They are usually a better option for people looking to buy farms and large chunks of land. Depending on the city you are targeting and the land quality around the area the price of the land can fluctuate. They are usually not equipped with many facilities except the basics. There won’t be any schools, hospitals or markets in the locality. Also there are no fixed neighborhoods around outer area. Everything that one might need has to be organized by them. The lifestyle of people opting for this range is pretty basic and grounded.

Midcore Range

The best option for people with families is opting for the middle range properties. These properties might not be in the heart of the city but are close enough so that you can commute easily. The biggest positive in acquiring such properties is that everything is situated nearby. Important things like schools, hospitals, markets and other retail stores can be found around the area, making ones like pretty easy. They are affordable and well in reach which means you can enjoy your life. Good neighborhoods in this range of properties can make a huge difference. If you select the wrong location for your house you might end up living in a rash or criminal environment.

Luxury Range

For businessmen and celebrities, the best place to live is in the most luxurious part of the city. The main reason for this is that you can get your privacy yet have all the facilities on your doorsteps. In such expensive locations or housing colonies there are schools, market and hospitals within the premises. This makes it very easy to live and also allows you a full private experience. Especially for celebrities such location is the best so that there are no paparazzi’s and peeping toms around the area. It is very expensive to live in this category of properties and it is even more expensive to maintain them. Each city has its own set of posh localities that have everything that you can wish for.